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JHHS Minister's Book Club Hosts Haitian Author

Hezekiah Dean, Former Principal of Jack Hayward High School; Patricia Collins, Deputy Director, Ministry of Education; Jean-Robert Cadet; Cecil Thompson, Deputy Director of Education; Demaris Thompson, Assistant Director, Ministry of Education; Benjamin Stubbs, Principal, Jack Hayward High School (Photo © Tim Aylen/Vision Photography)

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THURSDAY, 14 APRIL 2005 -- Haitian author Jean-Robert Cadet was guest in Freeport for three activity filled days hosted by "The Minister's Book Club" of Jack Hayward High School under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Sir Jack Hayward High School Patron Frances Singer-Hayward.

The visit was highlighted by a lunch held in his honour at Our Lucaya Hotel, hosted by Mrs. Hayward and attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Sir Jack Hayward High School at which Mr. Cadet spoke to his spellbound audience, of his tragic experiences as a "Restavec" slave child during his early years growing up in Haiti.

That evening the Ministry of Education hosted a Public Lecture and reception at the hotel, in which the general public was also afforded the opportunity to hear Mr. Cadet speak. It was a well-attended audience filled with people fascinated by his experiences.

The most important facet of his trip, however, occurred on Friday when Mr. Cadet spent the day at Sir Jack Hayward High School, addressing a 'special assembly' held in the Gymnasium and presiding, later that day at the meeting of the Book Club at which he was able to interact with the students who all had read his book and were filled with questions and comments.

School Patron Frances Singer-Hayward voiced her excitement with his visit, stating that "aside from being such a wonderful cultural exchange, this is the complete essence of what Minister Sears is trying to accomplish through his 'Minister's Book Club' initiative. Not only were the students given the experience of reading a book that they were riveted by, many experiencing for the first time the joy of reading a book that 'one cannot put down' but also being afforded the unique experience of being able to meet with the author. We hope that happenings such as this will bring more and more students into 'the reading fold' which will only enlighten them and enrich their lives. Reading is the doorway to the world."

"I thank everyone involved, especially Delores Kellman-Jones who was the coordinator not only of the visit but of the Book Club itself as well as the teachers and students who assisted her in making Mr. Cadet's visit such a wonderful success."

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